Our Commitment
Quality Machining
We take pride in every single part.

Product Uniformity
Products that consistently meet or exceed customer's expectations.

Professional Craftspeople
Northland Machine requires a minimum of 2 years professional vocational / technical training and ongoing technical training.

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Welcome to Northland Machine

Turning your ideas into reality

From start to part, Northland Machine provides full manufacturing capabilities for all of your prototype and production needs. With services including designing, machining, welding, fabrication, painting, and full assembly, we are a one-stop shop.

Embracing Technology

Northland Machine is committed to the latest advancements in manufacturing. State of the art CNC machines for large capacity, high-speeds, high efficiency, and automated parts handling. Robotic welding to reduce cost, reduce lead times, and improve quality. CAD design software for simulations, machine programming, and efficient data transfer. Coordinate Measuring Machines for outstanding quality and efficiency.